Chanda Jones Photography LLC: Blog en-us (C) CHANDA JONES 2023-2024 [email protected] (Chanda Jones Photography LLC) Thu, 02 Sep 2021 04:34:00 GMT Thu, 02 Sep 2021 04:34:00 GMT Chanda Jones Photography LLC: Blog 96 120 Enjoy Every Moment! Today is a special anniversary for me. Two years ago today, I had my 4th knee surgery. I can't help but to reflect on how far I feel that I have come in that time. When I was 15 years old, I had my 1st surgery. I always had knee issues...for as long as I could remember to be honest. But despite that fact, I always tried to remain as active as possible. I grew up playing basketball & softball and I was a pretty good player, I must say. I also seemed to be attracted to professions that required a lot of standing. Being a barber was a labor of love. Many nights I would go home in extreme pain from standing on my feet for 12 hours a day. But I love cutting hair and I love my clients. Actually, my clients are like family to me. Over the years, the surgeries became more and more difficult. Ultimately I had to get a full knee replacement. It was the best decision I could have ever made for myself. With a lot of hard physical therapy and determination, I have been able to experience life in a whole new way that I don't think I would have had the pleasure to experience without the knee replacement. But I do mean A LOT of hard physical therapy and determination! My life is good and I feel very blessed. That being said, I still face daily physical challenges. But, I just try to take things one day at a time and enjoy every moment I can. I remember my doctor asking me what quality of life did I want to have as I was trying to decide to have the knee replacement surgery. I remember praying to God, then deciding to have the very invasive surgery. My recovery for all of my knee surgeries seemed to be worst than most. I seem to have no tolerance to pain meds or even anesthesia. I can't put into words how painful my recoveries have been. But, I did my best to fight through. I haven't taken the time to reflect til now, I've been to busy continuing to just move forward, but as I look over these photos of some of my experiences over that last year...I just have to say WOW! I wanted to share these photos with you guys as well. Enjoy every moment of the day!


20140405_08571220140405_085712 20140618_14234220140618_142342 IMG_178955091997080IMG_178955091997080 20141118_19221420141118_192214 IMG_369864697410203IMG_369864697410203 13972171766631397217176663 20150410_19395220150410_193952 IMG_77010419377145IMG_77010419377145 IMG_185887077003574IMG_185887077003574 20150607_10314920150607_103149 20150719_13151920150719_131519 20150823_16240520150823_162405


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Exploring Set Photography


        A few days ago I had the delightful experience of being in the audience of the TV Show, The View, and I discovered a new aspect of photography that I never really thought about before. This journey began months ago; in fact, to be exact. It began in late October or early November 2013.

        I was trying to think of a special birthday present for my mom, author Elaine T. Jones. See, this was going to be a milestone birthday - her 75th; therefore, I had to do something big! I started to think about things that she liked to do, places she liked to go…etc... At the same time that I was racking my brain trying to come up with an awesome gift idea, I realized that I was also watching one of her favorite shows…The View! Honestly, it was more like the dawning of a white noise at that moment because I wasn’t really paying attention to the TV at all. But suddenly I became aware…

      My mom watches this show religiously! She has done this for years - since the show began. She loved the entire panel of hostess, but her favorite has always been Whoopi Goldberg. My mother admired Whoopi for many different reasons, but one of her biggest reasons was Whoopi’s sense of fashion. We always thought that it was an interesting observation coming from my mother because she was a fashion designer most of her life.

       “I admire Whoopi because she wears whatever she wants, when she wants, because she likes it. And she doesn’t care anything about what other people think about her choices.” My mother told us.

        Anyway, the sound of the show was in the background, and it caught my attention… Then out of nowhere, the idea of taking her to a live taping of the show punctured my brain! It would be the PERFECT gift!!! So, without hesitation, I went to the show’s website and submitted a request for tickets. I thought it would be great to go to New York around her birthday - which was at the end of January. Since it was only the end of October when I sent for the tickets, I thought I should hear something from the show by December. That would be perfect timing… right? Ok, well November came and went… So did December, January, March, and April.  Soon I totally forgot about the tickets.

       I never told my mom about trying to get the tickets; therefore, she had no clue that they had never came through. Life continued…Then all of a sudden, one day in early June, an email from ‘The View’ popped up. I was finally being contacted about tickets for the show!!!

       I called my mom and filled her in about the what, where, when, and why of the situation. We had four tickets, she could invite two additional people, and of course I wanted to go too – she was so excited… She invited two of her closest lifelong friends and before you knew it I was driving the three Golden Girls to NYC. After standing in a line way too long, we finally got into the studio building. By the grace of GOD, the four of us were the first allowed onto the actual set. We had great seats in the second row, right behind her icon Whoopi.

        Of course my mom had a plan… She wanted to speak to Whoopi personally. I thought she had a great chance of doing that since we were so close to her. As the rest of the audience began to pour onto the set the production crew began to work moving tables, chairs, and walls. They also moved the many TV cameras into pre-determined places. I was in heaven watching the crew in action. I love behind the scene backstage stuff!


   Then, from the corner of my eye, I saw a familiar sight… It was a camera that looked like my Canon Mark II. There was a lady walking around the set taking still photos. You could tell that she wasn’t part of the audience; because, she was up close and personal with the crew, the guest, and all the host on the show. She was able to take photos during the segments. We had been told that the audience would be allowed to take pictures, but only between the taped segments. I found out later that she was actually using the new Canon Mark lll with a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L and I think she also had a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L. She had an splendid camera kit to say the least!

       I pointed her out to my mother and said, “Wow… How awesome is that? She has to be the show’s staff photographer!”   


      That was amazing to me… I had never thought about a TV show needing still photos, but it made sense. How else did they get those behind the scenes photos? It astonished me that after every segment, the entire show paused for her to take photos of the guest with the hostess. I was in awe! It really blew me away! I had my eye on her the entire time. I wanted to see how she worked. What caught her eye during the show? I observed every move the photographer made.

       At one point, she was standing right in front of me. She was close enough for me to touch - so I did… I taped her and got her attention; then, I introduced myself and told her that I was a photographer from Philadelphia. I just had one question… “How did you get such an awesome job?” I asked. She spoke to me for a few moments, and then she was off. But I was able to give her my card and get my question answered.

        Her answer was simple; someone on the staff had seen her work. The rest was history. As a photography and filmmaker, I left the studio with a newfound perspective for production and on-set photography. I’m looking forward to doing more on-set photography myself.


         Oh, as for my mother - she got her chance to speak to Whoopi directly… Actually we both got to interact with her. My mom was able to give a copy of her new novel “Aunt Donsy’s Trunk” to her icon, and I was able to capture my mom speaking with Whoopi on video. The quality of the video isn’t great, but you can clearly hear the conversation.

         Even though my birthday present to my mom was 6 months late, it was well worth the wait. “Since 75 yrs. old is ­­­­­­¾ of a century, I might as well celebrate it for the entire year.” She told everyone willing to listen…

 ­­­­­ It was a great day!!! 



(The two group shots of my mother, her freinds and my self, were take with my Galaxy Note 3. All others were taken with my handy Canon G9)

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Exploring Philadelphia's Pretzel Passion  

Today is National Pretzel Day. Yes...there is an entire day dictated to the pretzel. That reminded me of a question I was asked from a visitor to Philadelphia a few months ago. They wanted to know "What's the deal with the Philly pretzel?" As a lifelong Philadelphian, I guess she expected me to know why "We... Philadelphians" loved our soft pretzels. 
I didn't have an answer for her, but she sparked something in me… I needed to find out the answer to her question. What was the deal with the Philly pretzel? I knew that we were known world-wide for our pretzels, just as much as we are known for the Philly cheese steak, but the questioned remained...Why?
I took the question to my mother, who seems to always have the answer to every question I have ever asked her. I was stunned when she came up blank. She didn't know why Philadelphia was known for the soft pretzel. If you know my mother, who is a writer of historical fiction and fact, you would understand why it was so shocking that she didn't have the answer. But, like me, it ignited a spark in her. 
What is the deal with the Philly pretzel? We had to get the answer to this burning question, and so our quest began. We decided to investigate and joined forces. Below is part one of our joint effort as writer and photographer as our journey into the discovery of the Philadelphia soft pretzel began…
It’s A Philly Thing
Written By: Elaine T. Jones
Photos By: Chanda Jones
When visitors come to Philadelphia they are usually excited by the city’s historical sites; however, it doesn’t take long for them to become intrigued with the cuisine. Philadelphia residents usually take for granted the favorite foods that the city of brotherly love is known for; for example, when we moved to another city for a while, we really missed the Philly pretzels… and we couldn’t find a good pretzel anywhere. It was never hard to find a soft pretzel in Philly because vendors sold them on almost any corner in center city, or from the abundance of pretzel stores throughout the city…
My cousin, who was visiting from out of state, was curious and intrigued by what she thought was a strange practice of eating the odd shaped bread with mustard on it. Another friend, who had relocated to Philly asked, “What is this with the pretzel?”
That was the question that sent my daughter, Chanda Jones, and I on a quest… We knew that the Philly Soft Pretzel was famous worldwide – but why? Why and how did Philadelphia earn the distinction of the soft pretzel being a Philly Thing?
We felt like detectives on a segment on the TV show, History Detectives.  It was fun doing the research, following every lead, exploring the locations, and talking to people about what they knew or remembered…
When people walk down the streets of Philadelphia with a curved pretzel smothered in golden mustard and bite into it to with the purpose of solving a craving, they become one of the many consumers that make the pretzel a Philly Thing… Philadelphians consume about twelve times more pretzels that the rest of the country; furthermore, Pennsylvania produces and eats 80% of America’s pretzels.
My daughter, Chanda Jones, and I wanted to find the answer to that question. Maybe you never wondered about the origin and evolution of the pretzel, but we did; thus our investigative journey began.
This is what we found…
To our surprise we discovered that the pretzel was not originally created or made in Philly…
The first pretzel was reported to have been created by German Monks in 610 AD, and used as a reward to children when they learned their prayers. The interesting shape of the pretzel has Christian meanings. The loop within the circle represents a child’s arms in prayer. The twist in the center of the pretzel is symbolic of family togetherness… We have all heard the saying – ‘tying the knot,’ it seems that the twist came to suggest the importance of a solid marriage and symbolic for good luck. The three holes formed by the special twist imply the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The fact that the recipe was only flour and water and yeast made this treat a favorite for Lent, fasting, and Easter; in fact, pretzels were hidden at Easter in the same way we use eggs today.
In the 1800’s the German immigrants, who came to be known as the Pennsylvania Dutch, introduced the soft pretzel to America; in fact, the first commercial pretzel bakery in the United States was opened by Julius Sturgis in 1861 in Lititiz, PA. He also began to produce hard pretzels when a mistake turned into a tasty variation of the snack. 
The Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery - still in operation as a family owned business, is about an hour drive from Philadelphia.

Well, Chanda and I hopped in the car and went to visit the historical Julius Sturgis pretzel bakery. We took the tour, received hands-on instruction on pretzel twisting, and examined the original baking tools. And, naturally we ate some pretzels… 
We discovered that there was so much more to learn… We had just started to 
uncover the answer to our question. How did Philadelphia get so much credit for 
the soft pretzel when it was not a Philly creation? Look out for part two of the quest of the Philadelphia Pretzel.
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Exploring The Special Meaning of Photography Part 2

Recently, I asked the question...

What photo has holds a special meaning for you?

I talked about how as a photographer; it is my job to capture images that can be shared for years to come. What goes hand and hand with capturing images through photography is the ability to capture a feeling and imagination through words. The existent of blogs and the Internet in general proves how words and images work in sync. It’s a perfect partnership.


It just so happens that my mother...a writer, and I...a photographer have developed this perfect union.  My mother, Elaine T Jones recently published her second novel named Aunt Donsy's Trunk. The book is a biography filled with her memories of our family from as far back as she could recall. In preparation of her up-coming book launch event, my mother has given me many photography based assignments.


The first thing I had to do was to capture the image of the old steamer trunk

which was used for the book cover. 


My next assignment was to create the book trailer.



My mother assigned me several other photography projects to help prepare for the Aunt Donsy's Trunk Book Launch… I have another motion trailer in production along with some behind the scenes interviews, stills, and footage…ect.


All of the projects have been really fun to work on. But the one project that I find the most interesting is the collection and assembly of a family slideshow which will be on display during the book launch event… It is a visual of some of the characters in the book as well as a walk back in time through our family history.


Each picture my mother shows me holds a special place in her memory. When she looked at these old photos, it evokes a ray of emotions. Some of the images brought a tear to her eye as she began to tell me who the person was. I realize how important these pictures are to her. They have as much meaning to her as the photo of Roger and Me.


Some of the images stood out to me as well. They are all very special. Without these old pictures, how would we be able to put a face to a name of a person who has left this world, but made an impact and is remembered? The images and accompanying words is the only real window into the past. 


As I scanned the photographs into the computer to create the book launch slideshow, I started noticing a few similarities… Through the pictures, I can see the family resemblances. In the photos below (left) my grandmother Nona Alyose Searcy-Johnson posed in the last picture ever taken of her with her three sisters.


(Photo on the left; Searcy sisters - left to right top: Boyd, Aloyse, bottom: Velna (Donsy), Dura…

Photo on the right; Jones sisters - left to right: Dana, Kia, Becky and Chanda Jones...




I certainly see the family resemblance ­­­­­­when the pictures are next to each other. 


Another family resemblance that stands out to me as I look through these old family photos is of my mother's grandfather William Searcy (pictured below; left) and my son, Justice (pictured on the right). Justice Jones is William Searcy’s Great-Great-grandson. ­Each pict­ure was taken when both were young men at about the same age.                                       


Without the documenting of these photos, and my mother dedicating the last 10 years of her life in creating the novel, ‘Aunt Donsy’s Trunk,’ our family history would have been lost. Our images are not unique... Our story isn't original...We have just taken the time to honor it.


If you have never really thought about the importance of a photo, I hope that this little insight into why photos are so important in my family has made you realize how important it is to capture those special moments in life.


Below are a few more family photos.

   James and Nona JohnsonJames and Nona Johnson   The Johnson Family-1The Johnson Family-1











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Exploring The Special Meaning Of Photography Part 1  


As a photographer, it is our job to capture special moments of people lives. We are the official documenters. The images we capture will be shared with generations to come. People will look at those photos and remember the place, time, and even the feeling of the moment that the photograph was taken.

Everyone has a photo, maybe a few, that hold a special meaning to him or her. I have several photos that hold a special place in my heart. Recently, one such photo came to mind. A few weeks ago, was the anniversary of the birth of a dear friend of mine. Every year on his birthday I think of him and how important he was in my life. Those thoughts always remind me of a question that was posed to me several years ago as a class assignment during my time in photography school. I would like to extend the question to you…

 What photo holds special meaning to you?



Below is the essay that I wrote for my class. I thought I’d share it with you. 


A Lifetime In One Image


Chanda L Jones

As I began to write this essay, I have to admit that it was harder for me than I thought it would be. Even though I knew exactly which photograph I would use from the very moment the assignment was mentioned in class, I found myself procrastinating about even looking for the photograph. It took me sometime to figure why I was delaying focusing on the assignment since it’s not in my nature to prolong my work. It was the essence of the assignment itself that both intrigued as well as frightened me; I was being forced to deal with something that I had not dealt with for over three years. 

The assignment was to pick a photograph that held a special meaning. Without hesitation, I instinctively picked a photograph of my friend Roger and myself. This photograph means the world to me. It not only represents the core of our friendship, but it is the last photograph that I have of Roger. He died October 18th, 2008… He was taken far too soon.


When this image was taking in 1991, I had no idea how important it would be to me later in my life. When I look back upon that day, I remember a time of innocence. When this picture was taken, I had no way of knowing: that it would be the last image of Roger that I would possess; how important the memory of this moment in time would later become to me; the priceless value of that moment in time.

Before 2008, this picture was just a happy memory of a particular day and time. Roger lived a few doors down from me and we spent many hours at each other’s home. We could be considered as “crib mates” because we grew up together from infancy; he was like my brother. This picture was the reflection of the many silly times we spent together; it was just another day in the life of Roger and me… a family picture of my brother and me.

 For years I kept this picture on my mirror in my barbershop. Barbers, back in the day, placed pictures on their mirror as a way of expressing who they were - and who the people that they cared about the most were... Roger’s picture was always on my barbershop mirror because he was part of my family. He was one of the few people who supported my dreams unconditionally; he even allowed me to cut his hair - way before I was good enough to do it right.

After closing my last shop and moving to Virginia, this photograph spent many years hidden away in a box of day-in-the life photographs. By then, Roger and I had lost the daily contact. We had grown up, and moved away from the old neighborhood; then, the hassles of adult life took over. Over the years, we talked occasionally. Roger was still my brother, and I was still his sister; however, time and distance had begun to get in our way.

When I moved back to Philadelphia a few years later, I had totally lost track of Roger; I searched for him everywhere I could... I searched the old neighborhood with no luck; I even searched the Internet -without luck. Then one day - out of the blue, as I was apartment hunting, I saw Roger’s older brother, Kenny, walking down the street. By the time I finished talking with the landlord and turned around, Kenny was gone… Still I thought Kenny saw me, so I was sure that he would tell Roger that I was in town - even though he hadn’t stopped to actually talk to me; I was confident that it was just a matter of time before I would be reunited with my brother/friend. But before the reunion could happen, I got a call that Roger had died… possibly on the very day that I saw his brother Kenny.

 I never got to see Roger again; I had a hard time with the realization that Roger was gone… Roger and I were supposed: to grow old together, to talk about our children going to college, and share the excitement of becoming grandparents. I never thought in a million years that one of us would not be around to share those moments.

One day, while I was cleaning out a closet, I came across a box of photographs. Just snap shots you know…the day-in-the life box of memories. I came across this picture; years had passed and I had totally forgotten that the picture even existed. In this photograph Roger and me were standing in front of windows in my living room; this space was often the backdrop for our family pictures.  We were hugging each other in the kind of pose that you often see people do - with our arms wrapped around each other. Of course, I was trying to strike a ‘cute’ pose with my best smile; I was trying to take a serious photograph. Roger on the other hand, totally had a different idea. At the very last moment before the shutter button of the camera was released, Roger made a silly face that was captured on film; I am so thankful that moment was captured… It makes me smile whenever I look at it.

The photograph was taken a few years after we had graduated from high school. I graduated from Martin Luther King High School and Roger graduated from Cardinal Dougherty High School. This picture was taken at a moment in time when life was full of potential; a time: before kids, before bills, and before many of the stresses of life had a chance to kick in. This photograph captured the silliness and happiness of Roger as well as his passion to enjoy life.  That’s one of the things I love about this photograph… It shows Roger’s true spirit.

Roger and I had been best friends for as long as I could remember. I grew up in a family with only sisters and Roger had only brothers. So somewhere around fourteen years of age we adopted each other, unofficially of course; I became Roger’s sister and he became my brother. That’s how we introduced each other to other people. We would even go with each other on dates - yes - as a third wheel. Which made the people we were dating somewhat uncomfortable at times, but our dates just had to learn to accept the fact that this other person was coming along – they did…

After Roger’s death, this photograph took on a new meaning. It was always a treasured memory to me, but now it means so much more… It is now a moment time with someone I care so deeply about; it is a moment in time that can never be recreated. We will never be able to pose for another photograph together. We won’t be able to hold a “past” and “present” photograph side by side and compare how young we once were and how old we have now become. This photograph now represents the only visual image of Roger and I together. This photograph is how I remember Roger and me… This photograph is my memory of our friendship and one of the most meaningful photographs I own. 







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Exploring camera equipment  

People ask me all the time...what kind of camera do I shoot with? What kind of equipment do I use? What are you using to get those shots?

From the beginning, I have always used a Canon camera. My first camera was giving to me by a close friend because I didn't even own a camera when I began learning photography.

I needed a camera for class and my good friend Tyrone gave me his old film camera. Yes, I said film! My first introduction to photography was a Photography 101 class that taught us basic camera and darkroom technique. I thought to myself, isn't this obsolete? Doesn't everyone use digital cameras nowadays? But, I have to admit, I love working in the darkroom. There is nothing better than developing a photo that you actually took yourself. I think film and darkroom development are a lost art and if ever giving the space, I want my own darkroom one day. But I digress.

Once I started with a Canon camera, I have never looked back. I still use Canon camera bodies. I have a Canon 60D as my backup camera. You always have to be prepared for a technical malfunction. My primary camera body is a Canon Mark ll. I absolutely love it! Full frame cameras rock! I digress once again.

Along with the camera bodies, I have several sigma lenses and a Tamron lens too. Each lens has a different or unique use. I have a 50mm sigma lens that is wonderful for capturing portraits. I also have a 70-200mm sigma lens that I pull out at my son's basketball games. Its perfect for sports photography. In addition, I have a 105mm macro lens that can capture the detail of a flower close up like no one’s business! Then there is my go to lens for almost everything else, then 24-70mm Tamron lens. It is a great all around lens.


 As I grow as a photographer, I realize the importance of my equipment. I have to be ready for any kind of situation...weddings, birthdays, portraits, photojournalism...etc. as well as nature, which I love to shoot and any other type of photography that may cross my path. I have a lens to cover the action. This makes me prepared for almost every project.

For those of you who are photography enthusiasts, what kind of camera do you use? What kind of camera or equipment is on your wish list?

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Exploring Joy and Love


Recently, I was going through some slideshows that I have created to post on my website. I came across one of my favorite. It’s one that I did for the youth group family night at my church St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of West Oak Lane. It was shown at the end of season ceremony that completed our first year. Over time, the youth group family game night has turned into family game night. This slideshow displays how much fun we all have. Friends, family, and members of St. Peter’s (young and mature) get together once a month to play, rejoice, and bond with each other. Its always a wonderful time and it’s a blessing to be apart of such a warm wonderful program.  I hope you enjoy this slideshow as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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Exploring The World Of Portrait Photography  

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to take portrait photos for my friend Justin. He needed a profile picture for his company’s website, and he didn’t want to a cookie cutter, corny background photo that most franchise type of photography studios offer for $19.99 (you get what you pay for). Instead, he wanted a more artistic - yet still professional profile photo… So, Justin called me (I was honored). 


I am becoming aware of more and more people who are in need of this type of photography. They may need a professional photo for work; in addition, they may also need professional photos for networking websites, such as LinkedIn. But they want something that is more expressive than the traditional portrait photo, and portrait photography happens to be my area of expertise.


On the day of the shoot, Justin and I met at the location. I like using actual environmental locations whenever possible. It’s the little things - like an interesting and appropriate background that adds to the professionalism and artistic vision of the photo.


I could tell immediately that Justin was nervous. Other than taking class pictures, he never had a professional photo taken.  As the photographer, it was my job to make him feel comfortable and at ease because his nervousness could be reflected

in his photos.


I’m sure you have seen, or may even have taken yourself, a photo in which you look uncomfortable with a big cheesy grin or your, body looks as stuff as a board.  I can’t really explain what I did to make him more comfortable; however, I began to talk to him, in a casual manner - taking his mind off of the shoot itself. Getting people to talk is something I do naturally; it’s a skill that I picked up in my 20 + years when I worked as a barber.


When I was in school for photography, I realized that the portrait and photojournalism classes were absolutely my favorite classes. Through my years of experience, portrait photography has become my favorite. I love all the cool camera equipment that is used in a studio setting, such as lighting, reflectors…etc. But most of all, I enjoy the personal interaction with the people I am photographing. I think that personal connection and trust shows through my photos. 


As a barber, I believed that a haircut was more than just a haircut; it is so much more… Some of the side effects can’t be measured or put into words; however, I believe that the self-confidence, emotional uplift, and over all good feeling is the result of a good barber that pays attention to their client’s needs- and even closer attention to the details that makes that haircut experience so special.

I believe the same is true of photography - especially portrait photography.


 By definition, portrait photography is the photograph of a person or group that displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject (person), the focus is usually the person’s face; however, the entire body and background may be included. That is exactly my goal in portrait photography - to bring out the expressions, personality, and mood of each person in the photo.


Below are a few of the photos from Justin’s photo shoot and some of my all time favorite portrait photos that I have taken. Please tell me if you think I was able to accomplish my goal. Also, more portraits can be viewed on my website,




Above: Some of my favorite shots from Justin's photo shoot for profile photo. 


Above: Environmental portrait taken at Cheltenham High baseball field 


Above: Studio portrait of professional Jazz musician

Above: Environmental portrait taken at local playground

Above: Environmental portrait of cousins and upcoming college basketball players;  Justice and Brandon.

* This is NOT an actual Sports Illustrated magazine cover. 


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Exploring Commercial Product Photography Last weekend, I had the pleasure of working with an exciting up and coming event designer firm called Signatures by Nicole Kelly. Their attention to detail in their event design is superb! On Friday, I was at their event venue to take product shots for their new website called I witness, such detail! From a three layer cake made out of diapers, to the crystal they used for the desert table filled with cakes, candies and many other wonderful, thoughtful treats for the guest.

Then on Saturday, I yet again witness the Signatures by Nicole Kelly event design team transform an empty space into an elegant and mature vision of beauty that was perfect for the gradation party that they were preparing for. The wonderfully presented food and deserts were simply astonishing!

Although, both events were completely different, Signatures by Nicole Kelly team pulled off each event with taste and class.

If you’re ever in need of an event designer, remember the name Signatures by Nicole Kelly.


Below are several of the photos from the shoot. Please share with me your thoughts.





























































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Exploring Documentary Film Making  

 I am so excited to share this very important information with you…

On June 9th, I had the distinct pleasure of hosting a screening Valiants Inc.” a documentary I produced. Club Valiants, The Black Fire Fighters Association of Philadelphia, celebrated their 50-year anniversary in 2012; therefore, as a tribute to the founders, the documentary explores the challenges, trials, and tribulations that Black Firefighters experienced while working the Philadelphia Fire Department throughout the past 50 years.

The screening was very well attended and I was truly honored to have the participation of our distinguished panelist: Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers, Club Valiants Inc. President Eric Fleming, Deputy Fire Chief Troy Gore, Lieutenant Lisa Forrest, Retired Chief Eugene Turnipseed, Penn State Professor Dr. John McWilliams, Retired Philadelphia Police Officer Yolonda Bunch and PhilaFilm Founder Lawrence Smallwood. 

Valiants Inc., the documentary, reveals a civil rights story that needs to be told. The community has benefited from the unselfish work of Club Valiants Inc. without having the knowledge of the sacrifices that were made.

Following the showing of the film, there was a panel/audience discussion which was educational, inspiring, and enlightening. The efforts and influence of the Valiants, as with other strong civil rights work, may not be truly appreciated until their story is known by all… Valiants Inc., the documentary, is a step in that direction. The audience for the screening was enthusiastic, and they left the event determined to share the information.


Valiants Inc. documentary will be featured in PhilaFilm Festival on Wednesday,  June 19, 2013.




The African American Museum

701 Arch St  Philadelphia, PA 19106

(7th and Arch Street in Philadelphia) 

General Admission is $8.00. If you missed the community screening, this is another chance to see the film. More information about the Philafilm Festival can be found at  


Below are photos taking at the screening by my photographer friend Ed Yancer. Ed is a wonderful photographer that specializes in photojournalism and landscape photography. View his work at


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Exploring the world of photojournalism  

         This past weekend I explored the world of photojournalism. I actually need to express full disclosure and say that I have although I use the word explore, many of my explorations are not my first experiences in the chosen subject focus. I have been in the world of photography for several years now and have had the pleasure of exploring many photographic events, items and subjects that have caught my attention. As for photojournalism, it is one of my favorite types of photography. I have had the honor of having some of my photojournalism work published in the Philadelphia Daily News.

         Photojournalism is truly a photographer’s dream of capturing life one image at a time. Occupy Philadelphia was a major event here in the city of Philadelphia a few years ago. There were photographers from all over the world eagerly capturing every moment of every day as those who chose to demonstrate freedom of speech by setting up a housing village right in the heart of the city, at the base of city hall. That is an event that I can tell and show my grandkids that I was there – right in the mix – taking pictures!

         I think about the civil rights movement… That is one of the most powerful times in our history. It is because of the photojournalist that I can appreciate the determination and strength of those who lit the way for us. We will never forget the face of Emmett Till in his casket, or the images of the assignation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr… And, it is because of photography documentary organization of The Farm Security Administration that we know the effect of the depression - still to this day.

         The FSA was the small, but extremely significant photography program that employed such great photographers as Gordon Parks and Dorothea Lange. It is because of the images created through photojournalism that we can share in the joy of the World Series or the pain of a terrorist attack all over the world. That is why I enjoy capturing the excitement of life as it unfolds.

         This weekend, I had the honor of doing just that. I attended an event called POWER, Philadelphians Organized to Witness Empower and Rebuild. It is a movement in its beginning stages. It is a call to action for The City of Philadelphia to build opportunities that work for all people through creating: better schools, better jobs and better pathway to citizenship. The people who attended this event at Deliverance Evangelistic Church in north Philadelphia showed passion and enthusiasm about making positive changes in the City of Brotherly Love.  Below are a few photos from that day.



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Exploring Sports Photography  

This past weekend I explored the world of Sports Photography. I enjoyed Saturday afternoon taking photos of the Blackthorn (the guys in green) Rugby game. In fact, this was the  first time I ever watched Rugby.  I had heard about it; however, I had never actually seen a game. It was interesting to watch, and I learned enough to have a true appreciation for the sport. 
I knew that Rugby had the reputation of being a rough and tough sport; however, when I saw the game it with my own eyes, I realized I really didn’t know what “tough” was. Rugby seemed to be a combination of soccer and football, but without pads. The passion, enthusiasm, intensity, and muscle power that the players showed through their bodies was also reflected in their vivid facial expressions. It was fun for me to capture the essence of this game through my lens.
Special thanks to Jim Reddy, who took the time to explain the game of Rugby to me in detail. The Blackthorns won this game 45-39… It was a great game and the Blackthorns are still undefeated. I think the excitement of Rugby is reflected through the pictures… What do you think? Have you ever seen a Rugby game?  


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Exploring the World of Macro Photography  

Over the Easter Weekend, I decided to explore the world of macro photography. Flowers were my subjects of choice. I love fresh flowers and enjoy the up close perspective that macro photography gives. As the spring season approaches, I plan on finding new and interesting subjects. Below are a few of the photos, I hope that you find them as interesting as I do.



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2300 Jackson Street  

While on a recent trip to Chicago, I was fortunate enough to go to 2300 Jackson Street in Gary, Indiana, and the childhood home of the famous musical family, The Jackson’s. It amazed me how small the house seemed. It was hard to imagine all 11 family members living in this very modest house. Along with Joe and Katherine, there were the 9 children: Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Latoya, Marlon, Michael, Randy and Janet; all of them in this tiny house. I'm sure that the house didn't exactly look like it does today back when the Jackson's lived there. The rest of the neighborhood had a range of well-kept houses, along with houses that have seen better days. But 2300 Jackson St is certainly the pride of the neighborhood. Below are some photos of the house and the neighborhood. I was there in September of 2012. It was surreal to see the Jackson’s humble beginnings. But it was certainly inspiration to know that with hard work and determination, success can be achieved. 

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