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Despite facing a number of orthopaedic issues, including foot surgery, two knee surgeries and a dislocated shoulder , Chanda’s fast paced lifestyle been able to be maintained thanks to Penn Therapy & Fitness Jenkintown. 


As a photographer and a mother, Chanda Jones is constantly on the move. However, multiple orthopaedic issues have almost sidelined her from enjoying her passion. Despite  facing a number of orthopaedic issues,including foot surgery, two knee surgeries and a dislocated shoulder, Chandra’s fast paced lifestyle been able to be maintained thanks to Penn Therapy & Fitness.

“Being a photographer is a physical job, and I would not have been able to return to it without the help of therapy,” said Chanda. “I need to be able to maneuver my body, bend and stoop to get the best shot. It can be challenging because it requires standing hours at time.”

In 2014, After knee replacement surgery, Chanda started at outpatient therapy at Penn Therapy & Fitness at Jenkintown, close to her home. Erin McIntosh, PT, DPT, ATC, worked with Chandra over the course of three months to get her back to her active way of life.

“During Chanda’s knee replacement recovery, we worked on getting her body to the point where she could return to work and back to the gym again,” said Erin. “Through a series of exercises to increase mobility, and her diligence in doing her exercises at home, Chanda was able to reach her goals.’

Just several months later, Chanda once again found herself sidelined by a shoulder injury. Pleased with how well her recovery progressed prior, she reached out to Penn Therapy and Fitness at Jenkintown after dislocating her shoulder.

“When I first began therapy with Erin for my shoulder, I wasn’t able to do everyday things like open a bottle,” said Chanda. “Once again she helped me get back to the point where I could function, and we got through it.” 

Erin again worked with Chanda to create a treatment plan to return her to the lifestyle she had just reclaimed. “Chanda was pleased with her care that she came back when she had shoulder issues. Once again she had same drive and that got her back to what she loved – photography,” says Erin. “When Chanda returned for her shoulder rehabilitation, her goals related to her life. She wanted to carry her photo equipment bags without difficulty, and return to being on-the-go.”

However this time around, therapy became a family affair when Chanda’s son Justice required rehabilitation after dislocating his shoulder during a college basketball game.

“Before my injury I took things for granted. I never realized all of the things my shoulder was needed for until I couldn’t use it,” says Justice. “I mean every little thing, I could not even get up by myself.” 

During therapy sessions, Erin worked with both mother and son to educate them on how their participation was playing an active role in their reoperation.

“I link everything back to patient goals, so that there is an understanding of the benefit of doing the prescribed exercise treatments,” says Erin. “Patients can sometimes be discouraged, but I remind them that the full scope of recovery can’t be achieved unless they try. That way during their treatment hey can see light at the end of the tunnel.” 

Initially Justice hoped to strengthen his shoulder with physical therapy alone, but surgery was required to return to basketball. He now continues to see Erin to strengthen for post-surgical rehabilitation.

“Physical therapy has given me back the ability to play basketball again. It was the best feeling the world to be able to step back onto the court again,” says Justice. “When my injuries first happened, there were thoughts that I would never play again. But because of Erin, I was able to get that back.”

Thanks to their quality care outpatient rehabilitation through Erin at Penn Therapy & Fitness, both patients are getting back to their passions.

 “Erin really empowered me to be successful in my recovery. Being so young, I wanted to function like people my age. Now I am at a point where it is undetectable unless you know me,” said Chanda. “It wasn’t an overnight success, but no one at Penn Therapy & Fitness gave up on me during my recovery. There were times I was ready to, but they were not giving up.”


by Patrice Bendig


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Upcoming Event: August 15, 2013

Chanda Jones will be speaking about Valiants Inc. documentary on 900am-WURD Radio with Al Butler between 10am-Noon.


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Valiants Inc. documentary will be featured in PhilaFilm Festival on Wednesday,  June 19, 2013.





The African American Museum

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General Admission is $8.00. If you missed the community screening, this is another chance to see the film. More information about the Philafilm Festival can be found at  


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Join me on Sunday, June 9, 2013, at 3pm for a free screening and discussion of the documentary film that I produced called: Valiants Inc. 2012 marked the 50th anniversary year of Club Valiants Inc., Philadelphia’s Black Fire Fighters Association. The documentary tells their story of struggle, courage, determination, and valor. It is truly an untold story of the civil rights movement. Following the screening will be a wonderful discussion with panel guests; Cast Members of Valiants Inc.; including Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers, Philafilm Festival Founder Lawrence Smallwood, Penn State associate professor John McWilliams PH.D and others.



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Attacks on SEPTA drivers are double this year over last

One day after a gunman's bullet hit a SEPTA bus, shattering glass into the driver's eyes, SEPTA officials said that the number of attacks on SEPTA operators has more than doubled in the past year.One day after a gunman's bullet hit a SEPTA bus, shattering glass into the driver's eyes, SEPTA officials said that the number of attacks on SEPTA operators has more than doubled in the past year.

POSTED: September 15, 2011





THINK coal-mining and police work are dangerous? Try driving a bus in Philadelphia.

One day after a gunman's bullet hit a SEPTA bus, shattering glass into the driver's eyes, SEPTA officials said that the number of attacks on SEPTA operators has more than doubled in the past year.

Twenty SEPTA drivers were assaulted in all of 2010, compared to 50 already this year, SEPTA spokeswoman Jerri Williams said.

"Everybody wants to blame it on one thing, and that's the economy," Williams said. "People are upset and angry and looking for a fall guy. It's like road rage."

Since early last year, SEPTA has been outfitting its buses with security cameras, a federal Homeland Security-funded initiative to increase safety on public-transit systems. About a third of SEPTA's buses have cameras installed, Williams said.

John Johnson, president of Transport Workers Union Local 234, said yesterday: "There is an attack almost every week on a bus operator, and they are telling me, 'John, we can't do our jobs if we're being assaulted while we're operating the bus.' "

Johnson said that he hopes to meet with Mayor Nutter and Philadelphia police officials soon to discuss his members' safety fears.

"When our people are operating a bus late at night and they are laying over [waiting to begin a route] in an isolated area that may not have the best lighting, I would like to see police officers come by, say hello to the bus operator and do a walk-through of the bus to give passengers a sense of security, too. I'd like to see police officers working hand-in-hand with the TWU to prevent assaults."

Johnson said that he'd also like to have undercover officers on some buses.

The latest attack occurred about 9:40 p.m. Tuesday, when a No. 6 bus, stopped for a layover in East Mount Airy on Cheltenham Avenue near Ogontz, got caught in the crossfire of a shooting. A 22-year-old man caught bullets in the arm and leg; he remained last night in stable condition at Albert Einstein Medical Center.

The driver, 59, whose name SEPTA declined to release, was injured when the windshield shattered and glass flew into his eyes.

"[The driver] was bleeding," said Chanda Jones, 42, a photography student who happened upon the scene. "It looked like from his eye, and there was blood all over his face and clothes. He seemed a little disoriented, but he was standing and coherent."

No passengers were on the bus at the time of the shooting, Williams said.

The gunman was described as a clean-shaven, stocky black man with a light complexion, about 22 years old and 5-feet-9. Tipsters should call Northwest Detectives at 215-686-3353.

- Staff writer Dan Geringer