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June 18, 2013  •  6 Comments


 I am so excited to share this very important information with you…

On June 9th, I had the distinct pleasure of hosting a screening Valiants Inc.” a documentary I produced. Club Valiants, The Black Fire Fighters Association of Philadelphia, celebrated their 50-year anniversary in 2012; therefore, as a tribute to the founders, the documentary explores the challenges, trials, and tribulations that Black Firefighters experienced while working the Philadelphia Fire Department throughout the past 50 years.

The screening was very well attended and I was truly honored to have the participation of our distinguished panelist: Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers, Club Valiants Inc. President Eric Fleming, Deputy Fire Chief Troy Gore, Lieutenant Lisa Forrest, Retired Chief Eugene Turnipseed, Penn State Professor Dr. John McWilliams, Retired Philadelphia Police Officer Yolonda Bunch and PhilaFilm Founder Lawrence Smallwood. 

Valiants Inc., the documentary, reveals a civil rights story that needs to be told. The community has benefited from the unselfish work of Club Valiants Inc. without having the knowledge of the sacrifices that were made.

Following the showing of the film, there was a panel/audience discussion which was educational, inspiring, and enlightening. The efforts and influence of the Valiants, as with other strong civil rights work, may not be truly appreciated until their story is known by all… Valiants Inc., the documentary, is a step in that direction. The audience for the screening was enthusiastic, and they left the event determined to share the information.


Valiants Inc. documentary will be featured in PhilaFilm Festival on Wednesday,  June 19, 2013.




The African American Museum

701 Arch St  Philadelphia, PA 19106

(7th and Arch Street in Philadelphia) 

General Admission is $8.00. If you missed the community screening, this is another chance to see the film. More information about the Philafilm Festival can be found at www.philafilm.org.  


Below are photos taking at the screening by my photographer friend Ed Yancer. Ed is a wonderful photographer that specializes in photojournalism and landscape photography. View his work at http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/ed-yancer



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yes a i also agree thanks sharing with us
Kudos to a Valiant presentation: With an inviting social atmosphere, adults and youth were presented a legacy, journey, and treat which rekindled that spirit of “each one, teach one”, that individually and collectively, in our very midst, are live powerful men and women who have stepped to the challenge of personal doubt, racism, economic inequality, the pursuit of happiness, and being an honorable leader, by setting an example of making a substantive difference in the flight of their community and families!...Despite physical changes, the story of struggle in the face of segregation and unfair treatment still persist today; the mental battle lingers on!...a message permeates that you are somebody and are needed in order to bolster the good health and protection of your community. Together we stand; everyone has a part to contribute!!
Being face to face with the Valiants was pure medicine! We should remember that future advancements will naturally be a challenge but are able to be positive, reassuring, and bright because of your encouraged effort, i.e. no accident of purpose, as proven by valiant men and women!!
I like so many others who attended this powerfully inspiring event am truly grateful and will proceed in a life of purpose; truly a Legacy!!!
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Yes, I agree. It was a very inspiring story of dedication and determination.
Markus L. Ellis(non-registered)
Enjoy this event, very informational and inspired me to look into the life of an firefighter
elaine jones(non-registered)
The event was wonderful... The panel discussion added so much more depth to the film... The information is invaluable!!!
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