Exploring camera equipment

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People ask me all the time...what kind of camera do I shoot with? What kind of equipment do I use? What are you using to get those shots?

From the beginning, I have always used a Canon camera. My first camera was giving to me by a close friend because I didn't even own a camera when I began learning photography.

I needed a camera for class and my good friend Tyrone gave me his old film camera. Yes, I said film! My first introduction to photography was a Photography 101 class that taught us basic camera and darkroom technique. I thought to myself, isn't this obsolete? Doesn't everyone use digital cameras nowadays? But, I have to admit, I love working in the darkroom. There is nothing better than developing a photo that you actually took yourself. I think film and darkroom development are a lost art and if ever giving the space, I want my own darkroom one day. But I digress.

Once I started with a Canon camera, I have never looked back. I still use Canon camera bodies. I have a Canon 60D as my backup camera. You always have to be prepared for a technical malfunction. My primary camera body is a Canon Mark ll. I absolutely love it! Full frame cameras rock! I digress once again.

Along with the camera bodies, I have several sigma lenses and a Tamron lens too. Each lens has a different or unique use. I have a 50mm sigma lens that is wonderful for capturing portraits. I also have a 70-200mm sigma lens that I pull out at my son's basketball games. Its perfect for sports photography. In addition, I have a 105mm macro lens that can capture the detail of a flower close up like no one’s business! Then there is my go to lens for almost everything else, then 24-70mm Tamron lens. It is a great all around lens.


 As I grow as a photographer, I realize the importance of my equipment. I have to be ready for any kind of situation...weddings, birthdays, portraits, photojournalism...etc. as well as nature, which I love to shoot and any other type of photography that may cross my path. I have a lens to cover the action. This makes me prepared for almost every project.

For those of you who are photography enthusiasts, what kind of camera do you use? What kind of camera or equipment is on your wish list?


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