2300 Jackson Street

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While on a recent trip to Chicago, I was fortunate enough to go to 2300 Jackson Street in Gary, Indiana, and the childhood home of the famous musical family, The Jackson’s. It amazed me how small the house seemed. It was hard to imagine all 11 family members living in this very modest house. Along with Joe and Katherine, there were the 9 children: Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Latoya, Marlon, Michael, Randy and Janet; all of them in this tiny house. I'm sure that the house didn't exactly look like it does today back when the Jackson's lived there. The rest of the neighborhood had a range of well-kept houses, along with houses that have seen better days. But 2300 Jackson St is certainly the pride of the neighborhood. Below are some photos of the house and the neighborhood. I was there in September of 2012. It was surreal to see the Jackson’s humble beginnings. But it was certainly inspiration to know that with hard work and determination, success can be achieved. 


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@ beauty salons in Canada Thank you so much. I love photographing Chicago. Check out more images of Chicago and Philadelphia in the Architecture section of my website.
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Wow! What a wonderful view of this Chicago street.
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Lance, it was truly my pleasure to share the photos from 2300 Jackson Street. It’s funny that you mentioned the photos being magical. I felt that the time that I was there was indeed magical. The sun was setting and the sky was just amazing! I was also happy to see that the family home is still being maintained. But, I must admit, that I found the rest of the block a little disturbing in contrast.
Thanks for sharing your experience! I stumbled on this while researching my own trip to 2300 Jackson (although, your photos make it look a little more magical!). I certainly agree with you about the humble beginnings. When I visited last month, I was happy to see that the home was well maintained and hadn't taken on a circus-like atmosphere that surrounded much of Michael's later life. It was just as you said, humble, filled with an honest integrity. Thanks for sharing your amazing photography of the site.
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Thank you for all the wonderful comments. Actually, being on 2300 Jackson Street was a surreal experience. I'm glad to be able to share these photos with everyone.
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