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April 18, 2013  •  5 Comments


This past weekend I explored the world of Sports Photography. I enjoyed Saturday afternoon taking photos of the Blackthorn (the guys in green) Rugby game. In fact, this was the  first time I ever watched Rugby.  I had heard about it; however, I had never actually seen a game. It was interesting to watch, and I learned enough to have a true appreciation for the sport. 
I knew that Rugby had the reputation of being a rough and tough sport; however, when I saw the game it with my own eyes, I realized I really didn’t know what “tough” was. Rugby seemed to be a combination of soccer and football, but without pads. The passion, enthusiasm, intensity, and muscle power that the players showed through their bodies was also reflected in their vivid facial expressions. It was fun for me to capture the essence of this game through my lens.
Special thanks to Jim Reddy, who took the time to explain the game of Rugby to me in detail. The Blackthorns won this game 45-39… It was a great game and the Blackthorns are still undefeated. I think the excitement of Rugby is reflected through the pictures… What do you think? Have you ever seen a Rugby game?  



Scott Tate(non-registered)
Holding out on me. Great job with the images. You definitely captured the intensity of the match.
Love the pictures.
Greg Hall(non-registered)
Great Job....Next Up The Philadelphia Eagles!
The pictures show the intensity of the game... Good Job!!!
Nice pictures! Keep succeeding in everything!
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